DR. Ahmad M. Hayajneh
PHD in Law . Attorney at law legal constant

Ahmad had graduated from Yarmouk Univresity majoring in Law in 1996, at the same year he had joined the program of Master at the University of Jordan (Faculty of Law), and got the L.L.M in Law specializing in Criminal Procedural Law in 1999. Having graduated, Ahmad had got a scholarship from the University of Jordan to pursue his post graduate studies; he had joined “theUniversity of Warwick” in the United Kingdom, and got his PHD in Law in 2006. His Thesis in his PHD was titled as ” The Admissibility of Truth Gauging Techniques as Evidence in the English Criminal Cases: A comparative Study with American Law “.

Ahmad has been working for the faculty of Law – University of Jordan – as an Assistant Professor since 2006 to present. He was charged with the position of the Head of Public Department in the Faculty from 2011to2012, then from 2012 – 2013 he was entitled as a Dean’s Assistant for Students’ Affairs.He has submitted for the promotion of the Associate Professor Title and waiting for it. He has also been a member in a lot of academic and administrative committees in the University of Jordan.
During his teaching years he has been publishing so many articles in different subjects specialized in Criminal Law through different reputable Journals such as ( European Journals of Social Sciences and Research Journal of International Studies as well as Local Journals .

The most significant published articles are:
• Theoretical Approaches to Admitting Scientific Evidence in the Adversarial Legal System.
• The Legal Value of Evidence Obtained in English Law by Torture.
• The Treatment of Vulnerable and Intimidated Witnesses in the English Criminal Justice System.
• The Decision to Prevent the Trial in the Jordanian Legal System: A Relative Judicial Valued Decision.
• The Legal Controversy over Aborting Woman in the Case of Artificial Insemination.

Ahmad has alsotaken part inmany Workshops and recently he has been a speaker in the Conference of Public Prosecution held in 2013 about the legal status of the Public Prosecution in front of the defendant in the stage of appealing the criminal verdicts.

In the field of the academic work, Ahmad has an outstanding academic activity by supervising a number of students in their Post-graduate education and examining so many theses and dissertations in various Jordanian Universities. Additionally, he was a lecturer in the Social Working Institute and Jordan’s Police Academy.

Want to mention that Ahmad had worked as aJudicialAssistant from 1997 – 1999 in Jordanian Criminal Courts, and from 1999 – 2001 he joined the University of Jordan – Faculty of Law as a full time Lecture.